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Enthalpy Technical Translation

We’re Enthalpy Technical Translation. We deliver expert translation from English, German, and French to Spanish. What you’re writing about might be complex, but we like to keep our processes simple. That means clear communication, rapid turnaround times, and direct access to our team of translators. No agencies and no hidden fees. Just us and our team of translators. So, whether it’s marketing or medicine, robotics or rocket science, we’re up to the task.

ISO 17100 certified

Our Services

With over three decades of experience to call upon, our knowledge of technical and scientific language is unmatched. Here’s what we can do for you.

Traditional Translation

Traditional Translation

MTPE (Machine Translation Post-Editing) / AI-based Translation

MTPE (Machine Translation Post-Editing) / AI-based Translation





Translation Quality Assessment

Translation Quality Assessment

CAT-related Services

CAT-related Services

ISO 17100 Certified

We’re ISO 17100 certified

Enthalpy holds ISO 17100 certification. This globally recognised standard is the benchmark for translation services. It speaks to our unwavering commitment to precision, quality, and offering an overall exceptional service.

Why Use a Translation Service?

There are plenty of ways a translation service can elevate your business. Here’s how:

Unlock your Global Potential

Tap into new markets, reaching diverse audiences and expanding your global footprint.

Show Your Professionalism

Present a polished image with accurate translations, showcasing professionalism and reliability in your target languages.

Cultural Sensitivity

Navigate cultural nuances and quirks, ensuring your message resonates authentically across borders.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Save time and resources with efficient translations, reducing the need for in-house language expertise.

Consistency Across Content

Maintain brand integrity with consistent messaging, fostering trust and understanding among your target audience.

A dedicated team of translators and revisers with a joint experience of over 30 years is ready to tackle your linguistic challenges in the whole Spanish-speaking world.

Why Choose Us?

Here at Enthalpy, we like to stand out from the crowd. Here’s what sets us apart from other translation services.

Direct Access to Experts

You’ll enjoy direct contact with our skilled team of translators, ensuring clarity, understanding, and a personalised touch to all your projects.

Stability and Familiarity

Work with a reliable, stable team that understands your business and your unique requirements.

Rapid Responses

We offer a speedy service, with urgent jobs processed quicker to meet even the shortest deadlines.

We’re Versatile

From legal documents to marketing materials, we’ll adapt and convey your message across a range of content types.

Budget-Friendly Precision

Save on costs without sacrificing quality. We’re more affordable and transparent than traditional agencies.

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Our Expertise

From robotics to sports equipment, we’ve seen it all. Or rather, written it all. Here are some of our areas of expertise.



Heavy-duty equipment, buses and trucks, cars, multimodal transportation.


Pulp and Paper

Papermaking, pulp production, paper machines, paper converting.


Prepress and Printing

Digital presses, colour management, workflows, CTPs, binding.


Industry and Machine Tools

Machinery, processing industry, energy recovery, laser, waterjet, plasma.


Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

UI strings, user assistance materials, online helps, training materials, toponym databases.


Medical Instruments and Procedures

Clinical trials, surgical instruments, lab equipment, lab software, IVDs, IFUs.


Robotics and Automation

Industrial and assembly robots, programming, controllers, PLCs, Internet of Things, 4th industrial revolution.


Business and Legal in Technical Industries

Contracts, Codes of conduct, BMS’s, GDPR documents, company policies, press releases.


Electrical Engineering

Energy transportation, transformers, power network maintenance, distribution, efficiency, smart buildings.


Energy Generation

Solar power, wind power, wind generators/gearboxes, inverters, solar collectors.


Sports Gear

Ski, outdoor gear, climbing gear, sports instruments, clothing, shoes, gym equipment, sports software.


Information Technology

Software localisation, sectorial applications, mobile applications, VoIP solutions, cloud, antivirus.

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